Monday, October 24, 2011

Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary

This weekend Seth and I decided to take a long, 4+ hour car ride out to Woodstock, NY to visit the Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary. I had heard about the farm sanctuary from various vegan sites and, after exploring a little more, found that for a $50 donation you can buy a family membership which gets you unlimited visits to the farm as well as discounts at some vegan restaurants in NYC. Plus you get to know that you're helping support the animals, which is always worthwhile.

So we woke up early on Saturday and headed out. It was definitely a long trip, but it was worth it! The tour is informative and interesting. You get to hear the back story of some of their animals as well as see how well they're doing now. It was amazing to see the employees call each animal by its name and to see how much the animals loved them - we're talking pigs that roll over to get their belly scratched, sheep and goats that nuzzle into your hands to be pet, and a dog that paws you when it wants some attention. Seeing how I love cows and pigs, I was pretty much in heaven. Here are a few pics from our trip:

For more information and to help support the farm check out their website. They're also going to have a booth at the Boston Vegetarian Festival this weekend so be sure to stop by!

After such a long drive that weekend, Sunday we were pretty beat so I tried to come up with something Halloween-y that wouldn't have me slaving over the stove for a lot of time.

So here it is, Barbeque Jack O'Lanterns with Forked Adder Tongues and Roasted Ogre Toes:

The sliders are made from Gardein BBQ pulled shreds with BBQ sauce eyes and a celery stalk stem and of course they're paired with steak fries, brussel sprouts, and a spider's web made from ketchup and mayo.

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