Friday, September 23, 2011

Greetings and Salutations

So you're probably wondering who I am and why there's any need for another vegan food blog considering how many exist all over the internet (seriously - google it, you'd be surprised). To answer the first part, I'm a newly married, recently vegan, 25 year old who never thought going vegan would be possible because of the sheer delicious-ness that is cheese. 

Married life has somehow reverted this fairly independent, Wellesley woman back to the 1950s housewife stage and I seem to find myself wanting to have a home-cooked meal on the table waiting for my husband when he gets home (apron, perfectly curled hairdo, and full skirt dress optional). So this is my account of my many attempts at finding vegan food that not only satisfies, but doesn't leave me running out for that block of brie at the store. 

And as for the second part, there's absolutely no need for another vegan food blog, especially one by someone who tends to make recipes from cookbooks or online and is not at all a qualified chef. But my friends wanted me to do it, and peer pressure won out, so deal with it.

Oh yeah, and the dance part of the title: I just happen to really like dancing, but am, once again, not a professional in any way - think the sprinkler, the cowboy, and the penguin.

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